Star Downloader Pro v1.52 released
A new version of Star Downloader Pro was released today. The main new feature is full integration with Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox, but some other features and bug fixes are also included.
Star Downloader Free updated (v1.44)
Updated with Mozilla/Firefox integration and some minor bug fixes.
Star Downloader Free updated (v1.43)
Star Downloader Free v1.43 has been released!

We said before that we wouldn't continue to develop the free version of SD but like many of you have mentioned, it's not fair that the version contains known bugs. This has hopefully been fixed now and we hope that the users of the free version are happy!

Download the updated version

An updated version of the Pro version will also come soon.
Star Downloader Pro v1.51
New version with a few bug fixes and some new features like for example RAR support and possibility to view contents of compressed archives. Also better browser support. Read more.

Download your copy here!
Star Downloader Pro v1.50
From this date, Star Downloader comes in two versions. One totally free and the new Pro version that is a 30-day trial.

Star Downloader Pro comes with several improvements such as a link leecher. Read more about it here.

We have chosen to keep the free version as a way of thanking all the people that have come with good suggestions and bug reports to help us in the development. We also want to offer our users the opportunity to get a registered version at a favorable price: only $9.95 until the end of January. You even get unlimited upgrades!

Download your copy here!

A note to the people that have helpt with translating the program or made a donation:
We want to give you a free copy of Star Downloader Pro to show our appreciation. You should recieve an e-mail about this within the next few days, but if for some reason you don't, please contact us and we'll try to fix it (attach some info that makes it possible for us to identify you from our e-mail history or paypal receipts)
New Web Site
We have remade the whole web site and apart from the new look there are some features that we hope will be useful to get your ideas into the development of Star Downloader.

Most useful is the Development section where you can see what's going on and vote for the features you want.

Since we have changed almost everything on the site there is a possibility that something is wrong. Broken links, strange behaviour on your system etc. If you find any abnormal behaviour, please let us know.
Star Downloader v1.42.
Fixes the shut-down bug for some users that still had it after the last fix.
Star Downloader v1.41.
Mainly fixes the shut-down bug.
Star Downloader v1.4 released!
Many new features, improvements and bug fixes. Read more.
New web site launched. Star Downloader v1.4 is being tested and will be released within a few days!
Star Downloader 1.33 released.
Bug fix.
Star Downloader 1.32 released.
Small updates and bug fixes. Many new translations added.
Star Downloader Development Center opened! Read about and participate in the development.
Star Downloader 1.31 released.
Some bug fixes. More languages included.
Star Downloader 1.3 released.
Major update. Multi-language support, improved browser integration with support for the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape and Mozilla.
Star Downloader 1.3 beta 2 released.
Bug fix: start minimized => empty window corrected.
Star Downloader 1.3 beta released.
Lots of new features and improvements. When we have got some feedback, to make sure there are no bugs, it will be the new official release.
Hang in there...
It's been a long time since the last version, but don't worry; we're working on a new, much improved one! It will be released as a beta pretty soon.
Star Downloader v1.22.
Auto-retry added. GUI and download bug fixes. The most stable version this far.
Star Downloader v1.21.
Opera/Netscape 6 integration. Bug fixes. Some new features.
Star Downloader v1.2.
Enhanced interface. Bug fixes.
Star Downloader v1.11.
Bug-fixes. Possible to choose date format. Re-download option.
Star Downloader v1.1.
Major bug-fixes. Improved downloading algorithm to enhance speed. Possibility to auto-save into folder named by date. Graphical progressbars for parts and total download.
Star Downloader v1.05.
Bux fixes. Some minor updates.
Star Downloader v1.04.
Fixes a couple of reported bugs related to the browser integration. Some minor updates.
Star Downloader v1.03.
Some perfomance updates. It has come to our attention that Star Downloader has been identified as "spy-ware" by the program Ad-Aware. Since Star Downloader isn't and has never been spy-ware we were upset by this and spent several hours to find out why. The reason was that we had named one of our files IEHelper.dll, which happens to be the name of a file used by another program that really is spy-ware. Now we have renamed the file and there is no longer any confusion. Star Downloader is NOT spy-ware!
Star Downloader v1.02.
You should download this if you've got v1.01 since we by mistake left an annoying window (meant for development purposes only) in that version. Sorry...
Star Downloader v1.01.
Star Downloader v1.0 released!
Beta testing started by a number of selected users.
Development of Star Downloader begun.
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