"That's the best download mannager out there!"
i've tried many others but there was nothing like this. first i thought it was some kind of common software but when i saw it i didn't need dap anymore. the best thing is that it has no banners and it's totally free. it doesn't use much of the system resources either.
"Great, better than the others"
comes with no spyware, which is hard to find so i would recomend you use this instead of other download managers
"Trust Me.... This Is It!!"
The BEST multi-point downloader out there that is 100% add-free, spyware free, and completely free! Better than Download Accelerator and twice as fast! A GODSENT for people who have dial-up. Let's you pause and resume downloads, skeduler, disconnect and shutdown computer after download completes. Best downloader I've used out of 6 diferent products! :)
"The fastest power downloader"
The program is uniq in downloading. It increase the speed of download more than 300%. In my opinion you MUST try it.
"Excellent download manager!"
I love this program. Gives me top speeds all the time and doesn't take up too much system resources. The best part if you ask me is that it's completely free of banners and other things that would slow down your connection. Give it a try!
"Fast, reliable and snappy design! GREAT STUFF"
quite significantly speeds up my big downloads, while remaining stable and reliable! no more worrying about annoying time-outs for me! and the design of the program itself is easy on the eyes, which is nice. A+ ^_^
"Clean, fresh, fast, quick, stable, small. GREAT!"
A very clean, easy to use interface. No ads, banners, no adware, free and its quick fast, and very small. Very good for a small program, features aren't bursting out but I don't use them anyway. Very good for big downloads (and small). A VERY good program. I recommend it to ALL.
"Very Good. Download Manager."
I was told to get this by a friend, and I am glad that I did. IT has sped up my downloads nearly 400% faster!! This is good manager, and it works on XP<:_:>the second best would be Kontiki.
Prisoner Of Dilworth Senior Campus, Auckland New Zealand
I have tried many accelerators like DAP and Fresh Download. Which all have sucked!! See dap wouldn't never connect to the server after i pause it.Also dap and fd has spyware and STAR dosen't plus more options
"Most stable resume of all accelerators"
I've tried many accelerators and so far Star Downloader has performed the best. Others have botched resumes on gigantic files after several lost connections.
"Looking for download manager? you've found it"
When downloading this program I didn't really believe this is going to be something out-of-average. But running and testing it have convinced me that this is by far the best download manager I have ever tried.
"Excellent Download Manager!"
Overall Star Downloader is great download manager. Star Downloader can split a file into several parts when downloading. The resume feature can recover broken or interrupted downloads. The simple interface is easy to use. Using Star Downloader, I downloaded an 80 MB file from a FTP server with a poor connection and slow speed. Star Downloader had no problems downloading the file. When I downloaded the same file with Getright 3.2 the file ended up corrupted! Unlike other download managers, Star Downloader has no adware or spyware! I highly recommend Star Downloader.
"My choice for download manager"
Easy to use and light with all the features you expect from a download manager. Free, no ads, no spyware! Definetly the download manager I was looking for! 100% recommended!
Overall, it makes my downloading experience less frustrating and feels like floating above the clouds
Excellent, easy to use
Better than DAP and no ads or spyware! This is a great utility! I have been using DAP forever and this is an excellent replacement
BETTER THAN "DOWNLOAD AC*ELERATOR" You can even choose how many bits you want a file to be splitted in to !!!!!
Great, works as advertised Hey this one is a great utility. Easy to use, stable, cleans up after itself.
AWESOME! Better than DAP and no Spyware! This program is MUCH better than Download Accelerator, for one thing, it does download caching unlike DAP, this means it is downloading behind the scenes while you are deciding where you want to put the file. But the best advantage is that it does not install and AdWare/Spyware like DAP does! StarDownloader works great! I'm getting extremely fast download speeds and have had NO problems using the software at all!
"Better Than DAP!!!! I absolutely love this program. I've tried DAP and it seemed like it, somehow, used alot of my memory. But with Star Downloader my system (Windows ME, 160RAM, 400mhz) worked perfectly. I normaly I download at around 160kbps, but with Star Downloader I can download at speeds over 400kpbs on my satelite broadband modem. Download this NOW!!!"
The Almighty Poobah
"The best one out there! I've been using DAP for about a year until I found stardownloader and it just blew me away. Its quite similiar to DAP, but it has no ads, better GUI, options, and its small. Of course as time goes on I expect to see more great features added. A definite top 10 prog."
Slave to Boboli
"Simple and easy, behaves as expected Much like DAP but no adds - thanks a lot. It does all I expect from a download manager and no more - that nice. Works fine with my DSL connection and 500MB-1GB files. One drawback is the way of handling temporary files and assembling instead of one huge allocation from the begining."
"I just fell in love."
An EX-Download Accelerator Paying Customer
"Very Nice" If you like GoZilla, you will think this is better.By far the best download manager I have tried to date. NO ADS stealing bandwidth. NO Spyware. Easy setup, I was runnin' in under 2 minutes. Intergrates with IE5. Works in XP too."
"It's good! Usually, my download speed is around 200kbs,after using this program the speed improve from about 40-80kbs.Its great,i recommend this to anybody who want fast download and best of all its free! =)"
"Works great for large files on high bandwidth connection!!! I used this utility to download large video files 70+ Mb from the web and it performed exceptional. My cable ISP connection kept getting bogging down and quitting until I installed this utility and started flying through downloads. I highly recommend this for anybody who needs to download large media and has a high bandwidth connection."
"Easy to use even boosts cable connection. very user friendly."
"The best i ever had. Goes off the scale for downloading, The best ever."
Rendil Knight
"It's a miracle! The best downloader ever, no banners, no spam , its great, you must try it out."
Aramis Lupin
"The Best Ever!!!!!!! Super Fast Free and Excellent!!!!!"
"Absolutely great program. Great program and no ads. Have had no problems at all. And fast."
"PERFECT!!!!!! only a word can enough to this program.....Perfect..!!!!!"
[email protected]
"Just Great! Free and better than DAP and Go!zilla."
Joe Black
"the best downlaod manager"
"It's THE best! I've tried basically all download managers out there and this one is by far the best. It's got everything you'll need and it's totally free. No banners, no spy ware, no nasty surprises, just quality software! Great work guys! I would gladly buy it even if it wasn't free... Again, thanks for a great product; wish that there were more programs out there as well made as this! Get it!"
"Better than Gozilla and Getright and Download Accelerator".
Ali Towfeigh
"It's the best downloader, I can download much faster now."
Master Fires
"Simple, Fast and Effective. Excellent performance compared to competition. Nice, clean interface. Very stable without any unpleasant surprises. Have to say that this download manager is the best one I've tried (better than gozilla, dap, getright, flashget)".
"Best Free Download Manager I tried! I've tried a lot of managers..... get right, gozilla, dap5 and let me tell you this tops it all. It's got lots of good features, and its extremely fast for broadband connections. No ads = the best feature :) Thanks!"
"Wow, I think you hit pretty much everything!"
Isaac Good
"Excellent. I tried all of them in recent years and this one is very good, fast and dont use much ram"
"The best there is. I never had any speed above 300KB/S so i thought it was the max. With this program i had speeds above 450k/s. DAP and getright couldn't do that. this program is the best!"
"Nice. If you want a good program without any banners or spyware this is pretty cool..."
"Descargas con comodidad, estilo y rapidez! Muy bien! Gracias!"
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